Where to have breakfast in Lincoln before a Husker game

A reader asks, "Where should we eat breakfast in Lincoln before the Husker game?" Read on for some suggestions and to share your favorite bacon and egg joints.

The Green Gateau at 330 South 10th Street is a fan favorite. It's a short walk from the stadium so you can fuel up on your way to the game.

If you're looking for an independent coffee shop that offers fair-trade coffee and excellent baked goods, try The Cup at 643 South 25th Street.

The Hi-Way Diner at 2105 Hwy 2 is exactly what you would expect. It's a drive from the stadium, but open 24/7 for when the midnight bacon craving hits.

As an alternative, you could always prowl the stadium parking lots until someone with a stocked tailgate takes pity on you.

Thanks to @huskerfaithful, @capehartmike, @boss99er, @ajmccann and @philbasa for the suggestions.

What is your favorite Lincoln breakfast spot? 

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I love hitting up my old stomping grounds from when I was going to school, so I stay close to campus and don’t mind the chain stores so much.  Lamar’s donuts is one of my favorites on 16th and Q.  I suggest the red velvet cake donut back by popular demand.  If you’re wanting to keep it a little healthier, you could always roll to Bruegger’s Bagels down on 12th and Q.

If you’re into even more healthy options, check out Juice Stop just a little East of Bruegger’s.  They’re no “dessert” or “fast food” smoothies.  These are full blown meal-replacements.  I’m a fan of the “Power Play”.

First, chug a Bloody Mary. Then, get a steak sandwich and another Bloody Mary. Also, eat a hotdog on the way to the stadium. You’ll feel like a million bucks.

Coming home to watch the Texas game in Lincoln, couldn’t procure tickets of course, but where is the next best place to watch the game?  (Near the stadium preferably…)  And what time should I show up etc… 

I’ve only ever been to a few games and then it was an in and out affair…most of my Husker watching experience comes from Omaha and further, while Lincoln is a mystery to me.  Any tips are appreciated!


@Nathan, if you want the game day experience, head down to Barry’s near the stadium. There are a handful of other bars nearby in the Haymarket that will be packed with fans.

Then after the game go over to the Embassy Suites “rockin the dock” outdoor beer garden. They’ll have a cover band playing.

Bagels & Joe at 48th and Old Cheney! Great place to get bagels, sandwiches and coffee!

For those driving in stop at Chances ‘R in York Nebr. I now live in Texas and look forward to having breakfast there once or twice a year. Just awesome!

Bread & Cup serves a good breakfast and serves the same coffee as The Cup.

wow! what about that new TwoTwins Cafe’ near North Cotner and R Streets!!???  It’s only been open about a year, but those twins have a great way of putting delicious home-cooked food in front of you.  They have great cooks who take simple food and make it taste amazing.  AND the bakery and desserts are the best ever.  I think they also have beer and wine, in case you need a little kick in the morning.  Try ‘em ~ bet you’ll like ‘em.

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