Put the Crack Pipe Down, Wildcats

Normally, when we've busted out with a headline like the one above, we're talking about some unfounded optimism held by the Kansas State faithful. Part of becoming acclimated to the Big Ten however, is getting accustomed to a wholely different set of delusional 'Cat fans.

To be fair, it might just be the marketing arm of Northwestern's athletic department that's been "ghost busting". A few weeks back the Wildcats started promoting Dan Persa as a Heisman candidate in a rather aggressive manner. They sent 7-pound weights to media members that say "PersaStrong.com" to encourage them to visit a website promoting Persa as the best player in college football. Riiight.

Don't get me wrong, Persa's a quality player. Anyone who completed nearly 74% of his passes in ten games as a starter last year is doing well. But there's quite a big difference between "doing well" and "Heisman caliber". Despite his impressive completion percentage, he threw just 15 touchdown passes in ten games last year and rushed for nine more, averaging a little over 3 yards per carry. There were twenty four quarterbacks that averaged more points produced per game than Persa. Many of them are more realistic Heisman candidates like Boise State's Kellen Moore, Oklahoma's Landry Jones, Stanford's Andrew Luck, Oregon's Darron Thomas, Oklahoma State's Brandon Weeden, Wisconsin's Russell Wilson, and Michigan's Denard Robinson, not to mention players at other positions like Oregon's LaMichael James, South Carolina's Marcus Lattimore, Alabama's Trent Richardson, Oklahoma State's Justin Blackmon, or Oklahoma's Ryan Broyles.

Northwestern went 7-3 with Persa at the helm and 0-3 without him. Still, he was just 3-3 as a starter in Big Ten play. Have you ever seen a Heisman quarterback that went .500 in conference play? Me neither.

Sure, you could look for Persa to improve on what he did last year, but so might any of the dozen other players named above that were already more productive in yards, touchdowns, and wins. Persa may manage to compete for all-conference honors. However, when the Downtown Athletic Club announces the 2011 Heisman winner, they won't be calling Persa's name. Call it a huge upset if he's even in the room.

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Mean!!....... but true hahaha

I also believe Pat Fitzgerald referred to the Legends division recently as the toughest division in college football. Anyone without a crack pipe knows that the SEC west is the best. The Legends has future potential but Nebraska is the only one that could compete today with anyone outside of Oxford. In fact we just saw Michigan v. Mississippi State and Michigan St. v. Alabama and it was not pretty.

That is one wicked headline, Steve. But it’s hard to argue with you. Persa is a good player but a *very* unlikely Heisman candidate. There are at least 3 quarterbacks in his own conference that may be better awards candidates.

Also, look at the campaign - http://heismanpundit.com/2011/08/10/are-you-persa-strong/

Persa strong? Really? Dude…is that a shake weight?

A 7 lb. purple weight. Classic! No Husker has ever lifted something so wimpy. I know this is meant for the press and not their football team but still - that is the image they are putting out there. I agree, Persa is no Dennard Robinson in any respect and I would say middle of the pack between Cousins and Vandenberg. Last year Martinez was a freshman and his decision making was not Persa’s but he was obviously the more gifted athlete. I do not expect it to be close this year - the comparison between those two or the score of the game. We should play them each year for the rights to NU - they can be NWU for the next 30 years.

I do not consider anybody a Heisman candidate if said person has to petition to get his name on the list.  Heisman candidates are going to standout on their own merit, not on a 7 lb weight.

You guys are corn lovin’ idiots and have no idea what you are talking about . Persa was a All Big Ten 1st team last year by the coaches. Over Terrelle Pryor and Denard Robinson.

It doesn’t matter - you’ll believe soon enough when Persa comes to Lincoln this fall and we smoke your asses like we always do with your so called new rivals in Kinnick.

Last season, Nebraska’s defense humbled some NFL-worthy quarterbacks. Now, Persa is on the list for this year.

Hope he lifts a lot of those 7-pound weights to get ready.

See you this fall!

You’re all missing the point.  I don’t think anyone in the NU marketing department thinks this is going to win Persa any more Heisman votes than he may or may not get.  The objective is to garner exposure for Northwestern football.  And it’s clearly working.  You’re talking about, aren’t you?  Northwestern finds itself in a pro sports saturated market.  Chicago is a Bears/Cubs/Bulls town.  Lincoln has Husker football and…yep that’s about it.  Northwestern, a small private school with a small alumni network that lives all over the country and the world, is an afterthought.  But now people are noticing.  For example, check this out when you have a chance: http://www.nypost.com/p/sports/college/football/heavy_lifting_jqebf4ED504j8avmzRCAOP

And the suggestion that a 7-lb dumbbell is promoting the image that Persa and NU are weak?  Wrong again Steve.  The 7 pounds obviously refers to Persa’s number and the fact that it’s a weight refers to Persa’s strength.  ESPN’s Bruce Feldman recently dubbed him the nation’s strongest QB.  Dude can bench 360 and squat 520.  Not many QBs can say that.  Not even “T-Magic” (is he a stripper in the offseason?)

So are the ads delusional?  Maybe, maybe not.  A genius marketing campaign?  Absolutely.  GO CATS.

Of course the campaign is intended to help win the Heisman. That’s the point. I don’t see any ad campaigns not intended to sell products. I don’t see any PR campaign not intended to change minds. Of course it is supposed to help him win. Right now, it’s about positioning. He needs some early “mind share” to get in the conversation.

Create exposure for the program? Absolutely, that too. Players represent the program. At NU, we had Suh change the face of Husker football for the better. This season, Crick is on the SI cover. It all adds up.

Back to the point - you know what created that Heisman mind share for other top-flight candidates? Their 2010 RESULTS. Since Persa’s 2010 results didn’t put him on the list, he needs marketing to help do it. That’s what Steve’s saying. Persa’s results put him at the back of the pack.

He’s all Big Ten? Fine. So what? Nebraska QB Zach Taylor was All Big 12 and didn’t get a single Heisman vote. Try again, please.

Yes, we get that the #7 is his jersey number. It doesn’t make those weights any less funny, since my 5-year old lifts her mother’s 7-pound weights at home.

GOCATS: I hope Persa likes stars…he’s going to be seeing a lot of them as he drags himself off the turf in Lincoln!

You’re right, they should’ve sent 80 Bowflex machines to all the media members but I think they were trying to stay under budget.  Make fun all you want, but you have to admit it’s a super creative campaign designed to at least turn some Heisman voters’ heads and get some attention and it’s clearly working.  Good luck this season and welcome to the B1G.

Thanks Flo…“Lets Play some Football”  ala Robin Williams in “The Best of Times”

twolff—+1 for mentioning “The Best of Times”.

It’s easily one of the more underappreciated football-related films of all time.

“When Reno Hightower was a prick, he was the best darn quarterback in South Kern County”.

Lol @ totally missing the point

The Heisman is stupid and I’ve never really understood the fascination with it. Too many unwritten rules, almost always the best position player, preferably QB who played for a big name school which came at least came close to winning the NC..etc etc….I just don’t care. I don’t blame NW for promoting their guy but I’m just not interested in the Heisman, I didn’t even watch the ceremony when Crouch won.

Zach Taylor was All Big 12?

You’re in the Big Ten now, son. This is a real league as you are about to find out to your great agony this fall.

Having a backgrond/education in marketing, I can completely appreciate the need for a creative campaign to get a local and national reaction.  The most popular, and famous personalities in America today are not necessarily people that Americans love, or even like.  In many cases, we hate them. . . you could say we love to hate them.  The point is, they’re compelling.  Polarizing figures gain attention, and weather its because we are rooting for them or against them, we pay attention.  In today’s ad-friendly society, nothing, and nobody are out of reach for commercialism. 

All that being said. . . even as a Husker fan, last year I watched and admired Persa’s style of play.  He is a very talented competitor who is obviously athletic, and has been put in the position of carrying his team on his back most of his career.  Campaign away, but Heisman talk is more than a stretch.  Unfortunately, Northwestern (NWU) will never have enough success in the win-column for him to even have a chance. 

I have circled Northwestern on NU’s schedule this year as a team to watch out for, because I believe they could be one of the annual thornes in our side as we focus our attention on the traditional powerhouses in Ohio State and Wisconsin, etc.  Our history in the Big 12 has taught us you can never afford to overlook a conference apponent (see annoying Iowa State).

Well said, Bo.  But never say never.  Northwestern has had legitimate Heisman contenders in the past (Darnell Autry in 1996 and Damien Anderson in 2000, who finished 4th and 5th in voting, respectively).  Autry’s team also went 11-1 and swept the Big Ten (and most of us try to forget what happened in the 2000 Alamo Bowl).  Could it happen again?  Sure why not?  I’d take a beatdown in Lincoln and win the other 11.  That’s probably the only way Persa gets invited to New York.  A guy can dream right?  Did I mention I’m also a Cubs fan?


You said “This is a real league as you are about to find out to your great agony this fall. . .”

Considering you haven’t won the league too much it sounds as if you might be offering food for thought from the perspective of a serial victim of the Big 10. . .

GOCATS - Son? Really? Wow.

Oh, you are right…the Big Ten is way too tough for the poor little Huskers. That must be why Nebraska is 8-1 against BIG members since 1990. That makes a ton of sense.

One of those 7 wins was the 2000 Alamo Bowl against a certain Big Ten Co-Champ that wears purple.  Bru-tal.

“....Not even “T-Magic” (is he a stripper in the offseason?)...”

I almost fell out of my chair I was laughing so hard…..I’m a Nebraska fan but not much of a fan of T-ragic or his ego,...so I applaud this jab from our new purple NU conference mates.

The scariest part about Northwestern to me, is that I believe they have one of colelge football’s up-and-coming coaches, who obviously has a knack for developing players, and clearly excels at both game-preparation, and game management.  I enjoyed watching him as a player, and I respect him as a coach.  I hope, for Northwestern’s sake, that being an alma-mader is enough incentive that Fitzgerald’s success as a young coach does not lead him eventually to greener pastures in the form of a power-house deep-pocketed program in need sometime in the future. 

In that respect, he and Bo Pelini remind me a lot of each other.  They are both young, passionate, former players who have their guys ready to run through a wall for them.  They live X’s and O’s, and while Fitzgerald is a bit more charismatic than Bo, they do the really important things better than the majority of their counterparts.  My concern with both of these coaches (especially Bo) is that while they both have a proven history for stepping up to the big-time games, sometimes out-coaching teams, they also have a history of losing games they are not supposed to.  “Let-down games” have been the difference between Bo having the chance to play under BCS lights, and inevidably playing in the Holiday bowl broadcasted by FSN on a Wednesday night. 

It is for these reasons why a team like Northwestern scares the hell out of me when they come to Lincoln, but does not give me the confidence to put money down in Vegas that they can be better than a 7 win team in any given year.

Also, I think many people would be very surprised to find the vast difference between the perception of “T-magic” on a national level, compared to a local level.  FAR more positive from a national media perspective. 

While national media members seem to be willing to include him in elite award-nominee cometition, locally we just hope that he won’t embarass our program on, and off the field.  True, he could have a break-out season if he really has matured the way some have said he has.  He could rush for 3 touchdowns, and throw for 2 more in the first half, but he is just as likely to fumble the ball on a routine play, sprain his ankle diving after it, get in a fight with coach Pelini on his way back to the sidelines, and then tweet about it in the locker room at halftime.  Who knows?

If you haven’t followed Northwestern (NU) you can’t appreciate just how valuable Dan Persa is to the team.  He is the team.  Last year his first as a starter they went 7-3 until he went down.  It could and probably should have been 10-0 since they lost three games that could have been wins if the coaching staff hadn’t gone conservative and tried to run the ball and sit on leads.  NU has no running game and not much of a defense so the offense has to stay out there as long as possible with that short passing game.  O yes, after Dan went down NU got destroyed three straight games.  Persa’s stats may not impress you by themselves but consider what he is working with.  The guy is all-world and deserves serious consideration for the Heisman.

I couldn’t agree with you more BoBahm I think I might cut out that post and put it on my fridge because that’s exactly what I believe. I would add that I think “T-ragic” is a lot like a horse, great straight-line speed but no shake, and if he gets a little dinged up you might as well shoot him because he’s worthless after that.

As far as the kid from NW good for them, no harm in trying to get some attention focused on their QB.

“Considering you haven’t won the league too much it sounds as if you might be offering food for thought from the perspective of a serial victim of the Big 10. . . “

Do your research you corn fed trailer monkey.  They have won the Big 10 more times since 1995 than anyone other than Michigan, OSU, and Wisc.  They also have led the nation in graduating players during that time.  This is important because your typical NU (Northwestern University) grad is more likely to get a desirable job, unlike the former UNL (University of Nebraska) football player that drove the limo for my wedding. 

Welcome to the BiG and here’s to you falling into mediocrity just like Penn State did when they joined in the 90’s.

Brubhub51 - Football didn’t start in 1995.

“Corn fed trailer monkey” ? Because… you know…name calling is so articulate and cosmopolitan.

NW might be a on the way to some very good things with Coach Fitz. But, you are one heck of a long way from gloating about anyone falling to mediocrity. Historically speaking, mediocre would be a darn good goal for you folks.

This is going to be a very, very fun season.

Cornfed tralier monkey?  Ok. . .

1)  66-17. Don’t ever talk about Nebraska football bro.  That was one of the more memorable beatdowns I ever got to witness over the years as a Husker fan. . .

2)  Penn State’s mediocrity is better than any part of the sidewalk you’ve ever been on. . .

3)  We graduate people too.  We just don’t turn them all into Marxist-Lenninist drones which makes our graduates just better people than you high-minded Bolshevik claptrap that your graduates preach all throughout our beautiful country. . .

Three titles in fifteen years. Four since 1936.  Yeah you’re a victim.  Darren well said.  Football did not start in 1995 and nor did The Big 10.  How convenient? Since football did start before 1995 we can now see that in 1994 Penn State won The Big 10.  But since we did start before 1995 what do we see?  Oh yeah, 1995 was the first time since 1936.  Now Penn State has won as many Big 10 titles as Northwestern without having to wait a century in the conference to get the wind at their back and the sun on their face. . .

Nebraska wishes they had persa instead T-magic haha what a stupid name that stripper comment is hilarious. Persa on the way to the NFL
T-magic to the night hawks and stripping in council bluffs
fight on Trojans

I love it!  Northwestern fans talking mad smack!!!!!!  Yes, you can use the “your grads will be working for our grads” line all day long because, well, your University is much more prestigious academically than ours.  No doubt.

But we’re talking football here, guys.  FOOTBALL.  The real NU (yea, in football circles, if you say NU, people with any football pulse whatsoever will recognize Nebraska as the real NU), will own the nice, quaint, prestigious college from Chicago.  Bank on it, my friends.

And when I start working for you, we will have to have an annual office pool on the NU vs. NWU game so I can subsidize my meager income with some of your income. 


Down with capitalism!  Long live the proletariat!  I majored in Russian Literature!  I wish Northwestern’s colors were RED!!  GO COMRADES…I mean CATS!

Heisman hater,
You have obviously never had a high ankle sprain… As you have no idea how debilitating they can be. They are not a type of ankle sprain at all… but a different injury all together.

They are typically a season ending injury, and that kid fought through it for WEEKS for his team (all the while being forbidden to tell the media what was up).

Get a clue.

Oh, and on the topic of Persa, yes, I saw him play last year and the guy is a STUD.  But, if you think he will slice through the Blackshirts, perhaps NWU isn’t as prestigious of a school as I thought…....

“Back to the point - you know what created that Heisman mind share for other top-flight candidates? Their 2010 RESULTS. Since Persa’s 2010 results didn’t put him on the list, he needs marketing to help do it.”

Here’s the stats for 3 QBs, 10 games into 2010 (when Persa got hurt)

    PassYds %    YPA   TD   INT   RushYds   TD   TotalYds TotalTd
A:  2511 69.6   8.4   20   7     373     3     2884     23
B:  2581 73.5   8.5   15   4     720     9     3301     24
C:  3154 66.9   7.4   27   6     -97       0     3057     27

Two of them are 2011 Heisman frontrunners.  One is Persa.  You sure he doesn’t belong on that list?

(Full disclosure, Persa’s rush yards are with sacks removed)


Boy,  if only NW had some athletes on that not very deep offensive line to match up with the Nebraska defensive line. The Nebraska D line will have the advantage in each and every one on one match up in the trenches when the Persa lead offense is on the field.  Ain’t even a question.  That is probably still likely the case if the Nebraska defense rotates the second unit D line in against the NW starting group of offesive lineman.  A Nebraska defensive front that will likely be the deepest, most talented D line that this NW (Yes, it’s NW, not NU) o line has ever faced. 

And lets not forget that secondary that Persa will be throwing against, that is, if by chance his O line doesn’t break and he isn’t flat on his back or running for his life.  So.. best D line your O line is likely to see, and behind that a great secondary that will cover those slooooooowwwww wr’s like flypaper. 

Sounds pretty iffy and scary for Persa and NW on Nov. 5th.

Format got a little screwed up but I think you can still follow it

You know the last time we heard about some amazing, impenetrable d-line? It was the last two years when Iowa had Clayborn, Ballard, Binns, Klug, and on and on.

It was quite our pleasure to watch a future first-round pick in Clayborn on his knee in crunch time last year because he was too gassed from chasing Persa around and not catching him. Just as it was our pleasure to beat them the last two years and five out of six when all their fans sounded a whole hell of a lot like many of you all do right now.

No one in their right minds thinks Nebraska is a bad football program, nor do we expect to romp when we roll into Lincoln in November. But we sure know your coaching staff isn’t as cocky about their team compared to ours as many of you seem to be.

NU could be 8-0 (don’t laugh) coming into Lincoln if we get by Iowa on the road and PSU at home (the two really difficult games of the first eight).  If we are 8-0 or 7-1 you have something to worry about because it will mean that Dan Persa is in top form.  Not saying it will happen but the sky’s the limit if we can keep Persa on the field.  Then the Nebraska game becomes season maker and seminal game for the NU program.  You don’t think this will be big?  Maybe it wont happen but NU has the guy that can make it happen if he plays like last year. 

BTW we occasionally win when we arwe big underdogs and lose to lesser teams.  Last year we beat Iowa (which we do regularly) and lost to Purdue at home.  Playing Nebraska already feels like Iowa.  Go Cats!!!

At first I thought that Steve’s article may have been a little harsh in comparing NWern fans to K-State fans… I rushed to judgement.

They ARE that delusional.
Time for a reality check.

@ Go Cats
1) comparing anything Iowa is or has been in football to N is a laughable at best. As for their D-line? Adrian Clayborn wouldn’t have started for Nebraska in his junior year… much less those other dudes you named. Also, one big difference between Iowa and N on the D-line is that Nebraska is 2 or 3 people deep at every spot and will rotate with little or no drop off. N’s 3rd string D-line will completely overmatch NWern’s O-line man for man.

2) NWern has never seen a secondary with the skills/talent/scheme of N.

Persa will spend the entire running from the rush, picking himself up off of the ground, and taking coverage sacks.

Ask Blaine Gabbert.

@Bill - We may be a bit delusional this year mainly because we don’t know how good Persa is going to be coming off the injury.  Last year we were very close to being 10-0 when Persa went down.  Those three losses could easily have been wins and with Persa healthy we could have been at worst 11-2 with a bowl win and at least a top 15 finish.  I know… woulda, shoulda, coulda but at the very least NU has good reason for high hopes this year.  We’ll know when we play BC in two weeks what to expect for this season.  Until then there is no point discussing it further.  We can only hope Dan is fully recovered so when we come to Lincoln you’ll see that he is a legit Heisman candidate.  If we beat you that could just about put him over the top.

Just for the record


NW= Northwestern

98% of people who watch football get that. Learn it or earn it. Personally I cant see NW doing either.

Talking about how you whip up on Iowa brings a chuckle to any Husker.  They hardly have a trophy shelf let alone a trophy room heh heh.

NU = Northwestern University.

What’s so difficult?

You think that a game vs. BC is going to give you an idea of how good your team is?

Again, Persa is a talented athlete, and a quarterback to be proud of.  It should be noted that I have found him impressive in the past year when he has been faced with lifting his entire mediocre team on his very strong shoulders.  (did I emphasize very strong enough?)  I do understand that Northwestern (NWU) has built their reputation on beating the University of Iowa.  Please also understand . . . that doesn’t really mean anything. 

Year after year, I have watched the Hawkeyes grab handfulls of the recruits that Nebraska (NU) simply did not want, or did not feel the need to recruit.  They are a roller-coaster program who has enjoyed a shadow of success here and there.  Building your own reputation on the fact that you freaquently beat another mediocre team with a slightly better reputation than your own, is not a recipe for success. 

Two last things to add. . . When boasting of your quarterback’s Iron-Man strength, please remember that NU fans have become accustomed to decades of quarterbacks who consistently churn out rushing numbers that many college running backs would envy.  Our most recent Heisman winning quarterback knocked an Iowa Hawkeye defender out cold (literally) when he tried to tackle him on his way to the end-zone.  (please look it up on Youtube. Eric Crouch destroys a Hawkeye) Our national championship winning quarterback Scott Frost played in the NFL for 6 years. . . as a safety. 

Last thing. . . If you ever find yourself in a prestigious job interview in the near future (as I imagine NWU grads consistently do) and you truly feel as though the stigma of the lowly UNIVERSITY of NEBRASKA (leads the nation in Academic All-Americans) would compromise the integrity of your Wildcat status, then, when the potential employer asks “where did you attend college”, do NOT respond proudly “NU”, because no matter what state across this nation your interview may be in. . . that person will surely assume that you attended The University Of Nebraska.
So, keep fighting purple.  I respect your athletic ambition, but until you claim multple national titles, Heisman trophies, and a player or two that actually makes it onto an NFL roster, then please stop comparing our programs.  (and stop comparing us to Iowa.  We Hate that)  Honestly, I was told to expect a lot of trash talk from Ohio State, and Michigan fans, but I expected trash talk from NWU as much as I anticipate Hoosier smack.

“Honestly, I was told to expect a lot of trash talk from Ohio State, and Michigan fans, but I expected trash talk from NWU as much as I anticipate Hoosier smack.”

—The best way to ever end a comment. Spot on, spot on.

Bo, just to name a few: Luis Castillo, Trai Essex, Nick Roach, Corey Wootton, Mike Kafka (who outplayed Vick the other night), Barry Cofield. Not households names, but some are starters. Just sayin we do occassionally produce quality NFL talent. Look for Persa, Vince Browne, and Jeremy Ebert next draft.

Sick of the NU debate. I repeat, let’s just play some damn football.

Nebraska fans-

I think YOU talk a lot of smack for a program that hasn’t even won its own conference in a dozen years.

Catatonic Tim,

Since it appears you are trying to call us a has been are we not therefore obliged to call you a never was?  And honestly before this article was written I am pretty sure that the average Nebraska fan would not have anything negative to say about Northwestern football. It’s a little surprising that the very first Big 10 fans that showed up here talking about mediocrity and a season of agony were from Northwestern. . .

Well mediocrity is what we preach James.  No one is superior.  We’re all Marxists remember?  Class warfare woooo!!

For the record you started this on this forum questioning the legitimacy of our Heisman candidate.  Big talk since you may have to eat those words.  I don’t have anything against Nebraska and I think everyone welcomes you into the B1G because it upgrades the league and give us a another quality opponent.  And I love it that we get someone who can whip OSU (if you can).  You will probably get two shots at them this season so good luck but only in those games.  You obviously think that your Iowa game is already in the win column.  We’ll see about that.  Go Hawks (I never thought I’d ever say that).

Sorry ‘Huskers, but NU is Northwestern.  We even own the trademark on NU.  I know that the dyslexia in the Big 12 was pervasive (U of Oklahoma being OU, U of Kansas being KU, U of Colorado being CU) but in the B1G, we can read and write, so Indiana University is IU (not UI) and University of Illinois is U of I.  Not to mention Northwestern University is NU.  So while you are the new member in town and unfortunately recently lost your AAU status (so now we don’t have all conference members as such), we hope that you can bring strong football and improving academics to the conference, but you can do it as UNL.

Any response from Neb fans to those stats? Darren?


.... Bueller?

Wow!  Lots of Wildcat fans in here.  Just like all wildcat fans (aka KSU) as they love the light at the end of the tunnel but just can’t seem to ever reach it.  Hey, Joey Harrigton, finished fourth in the Heisman his senior year and he was on bulletin boards in NEW YORK CITY!  He also got a paycheck out of the NFL for several years as a “less than expected” QB.  Lets watch and see if Persa can reach those heights.  Here I thought I was going to miss the KSU smack leaving the Big 12 (although they have chilled in recent years) but you intelligent NWU fans, excuse me… NU fans, have filled the bill.  Hope you like being overwhelmed.

So that’s a no.

Not many people would argue that Persa’s stats are unreasonable for a heisman candidate.  They just question the gimmicky marketing campaign…why?  Because they don’t work (see:  Wallace, Seneca).  Heismen’s are won by winning games, not just gaudy statistics (see: Brennan, Colt), and particularly games seen as big on a national level (and no, Iowa doesn’t count). 

There is also the question of coming back from the injury, like we are dealing with Martinez.  If all of these things come together, we can talk about heisman contention.  I can tell you that I would take Nebraska with a healthy Martinez over Northwestern and a healthy Persa…because of that little thing called defense.  Persa will have a tougher time against Nebraska than Martinez with NW, and I think the poster who noted Blaine Gabbert’s effort against Nebraska last year sounds about right.  Nebraska will tee-off on the Mildcats all day in Lincoln.  I see several losses for Northwestern along the way and the dream of the heisman goes with them.

“3)  We graduate people too.  We just don’t turn them all into Marxist-Lenninist drones which makes our graduates just better people than you high-minded Bolshevik claptrap that your graduates preach all throughout our beautiful country. . .”

I just wanted to post this again for posterity. I can’t decide if its stupid or just random.

Three interesting things about this blog:

- Evidently,  losing 3 of your last 4 games must have been a mirage
- James Moore will put a foot in your ass if need be
- Darren K. Carlson’s daughter can lift 7 more pounds than her father

Look, reality says that life in the notorious B1G is going to be a lot tougher than playing in the former Big 12 North Division.

Seriously, UNL smack talk right now is reminding me of the U.S. dollar. I’m looking around trying to see what’s backing it.

Invest in precious metals…it’s a lot safer.

Three interesting things about this blog:

- Evidently,  losing 3 of your last 4 games must have been a mirage
- James Moore will put a foot in your ass if need be
- Darren K. Carlson’s daughter can lift 7 more pounds than her father

Look, reality is that life in the notorious B1G is going to be a lot tougher than playing in the former Big 12 North Division.

Seriously, UNL smack talk right now is reminding me of the U.S. dollar. I’m looking around trying to see what’s backing it.

Invest in precious metals…it’s a lot safer.

I highly doubt that your D-line is better than the one that Persa baffled last year.  I was looking at your first round picks in the last 10 years and you have had 2 first round picks.  2 picks?!?!?  Get off your high horse.  Seven of the original BiG teams are way beyond that.  Good luck competing this year.  If healthy Persa is going to make you’re “studs” look absolutely silly.

OU7times’ smack talk right now reminds me of President Obama’s speeches…there’s one about every 5 days and nobody cares what he says because it’s the same old tired, useless crap he always spews as he follows husker msg boards all day long. You would be a Helluva lot better off looking around and trying to figure out what’s backing the BIG XII Conference right about now. When A&M leaves for the SEC that will be the final nail in the coffin of the Texas Conference!

OU7times shows his troll credentials once again.
Well done!

N had 7 players drafted last year.

How did Michigan Lite do?

“I highly doubt that your D-line is better than the one that Persa baffled last year. “

As Steve said… put down the crack pipe.

Big Ten picks by team

Nebraska: 7 (players competed in the Big 12)
Iowa: 6
Ohio State: 5
Wisconsin: 5 (four picks in first three rounds)
Illinois: 4
Michigan State: 2
Indiana: 2
Michigan: 2
Penn State: 2
Purdue: 1
Northwestern: 0
Minnesota: 0

Ok this is completely unrelated to this but did anyway read about texas and espn trying to get texas highschool highlights on the longhorn network? 32 no’s and a yes texas doesnt mean yes. Then people wonder why we got out.

Great post!  Wildcats know that Persa is a long shot - but he does have a shot.  The campaign is marketing Wildcat Football which is all about great offense and (this year) Persa.  He is a great player and a joy to watch.  He should put on a good show in Lincoln, so Enjoy!



Would you agree that a 72-2 home record is just awesome?

Me too!

OU7 does have one point even though he is trolling.  We need to win first.  Then we can brag.  Hey OU7 tell us about your perfect season for the Sooners first please. 

We would like to read it.

Watch and see. It probably will be a perfect season barring any key injuries.

You mean like, Travis Lewis? 

I liked Husker39211’s comment about OU7times.  Complaining about homerism on a team’s fan blog is like complaining about getting wet when you jump in a pool.  We’re all optimistic about the upcoming season…even Northwestern…so get over it.

PS - Have fun in the powder-puff Pac 16 in the future.

Unlike some teams, Travis Lewis is not the only great player on the team or at his position. I was referring to a Landry Jones season ending injury. That would stop OU from their another National Championship but It would take more than a sprained ankle for our season to go in to the toilet.

So, we want to know why the smak talk? All that has happened is you have moved to a conference that has lots of problems where the normally strong teams are back on their heels reeling. It’s still a tougher conference than the Big 12 traditionally so now you think you will just walk in and take over? As long as you are fooled , Mase, that’s all that matters.

As far as the “powder puff” 16. that’s funny especially coming from a fan of a team who struggled in the Big 12 North and the ‘lowly’ Big 12 in general.

Who will be your next Texas, Mase?


I would agree 72-2 is awesome.  It has made me a lot of money over the years. . .


I have too. I used to make loads of cash off of Coach Osbornes team…almost without exception.

I like OU minus 21.5 against Tulsa in Norman and Boise St. Minus 3 against Georgia in Athens.

Georgia is a mess.

Welcome to the Big 10, UNL.  We look forward to playing you in Lincoln and welcoming you in Evanston soon.

By the way, the “W” in Northwestern is NOT capitalized because it is a single word.  As above, the proper abbreviation for Northwestern University is “NU”.


Boise State will do just fine, as you indicate.  Their ability to play mistake free, assignment-oriented football is just going to give them a poise and execution that Georgia has struggled to obtain for the past few years.  The three greatest gifts of this past decade were (1) Oklahoma at home, (2) Ohio State against the state of Michigan and a large part of the Big 10, and (3) Virginia Tech late season (after mid-October) in ACC play. .

As for you guys against Tulsa at -21.5?  Well on paper, heck yeah.  But last year’s Utah State game was an opener for me.  I think that Coach Stoops was so vanilla leading up to the Florida State game that he played his cards too close to the vest.  The defense spent the whole game in Cover 2 Press with no blitzes or anything other than base.  He really went out of his way to hide what he thought he had.  Without a doubt he was preparing the element of surprise, kept it coiled, and ready to strike when Florida State came to Norman.  It seems that Coach Stoops has a tendency to play things very tight to the vest before a big non-Conference game. . .

That being said I don’t anticipate quite as much from him for Tulsa.  I think this year, with this squad, that Oklahoma will come out of the gates trying to make statements early.  Everyone has an idea at this point what the offense will bring.  So yeah -21.5 is pretty sweet pickings, and Coach Stoops will use this time to get the LB replacements ready for the trip to Tallahassee.  So cover?  Yeah.  Any thoughts to add?

Well, tell me this much.  Do you agree/disagree that Coach Stoops will not play things as vanilla as last year’s Utah State and with the rest of the non-conference schedule (outside of Florida State) on the basis that this team is no sleeper, has expectations, veteran leadership to handle the pressure, and since being touted to play for it all will try to stomp all in it’s path to show that Oklahoma is what people think it is?

Man the season is a little over a week away!!!  It’s going to be red meat, red meat, and red meat between now and Bowl Season every weekend!!!  God Bless the outdoor grill and the pigskin. . .

James Moore,

I believe other than shovel passes Coach Stoops will keep it vanilla, against TU especially. Shouldn’t be any reason to turn to any tricks. My reasoning for taking the points is TU was beaten by 47 last year and this years TU team probably won’t be as good. TU has been a highly rated offense for quite a few years but the ‘sharks’ will have their way. OU should put out at least the same offensive output as last year.  I feel slightly better about giving points in this game than the Boise St. game (on the road). Coach Peterson will have his boys ready for that game but it is still on the road and weird things can happen as we know.

I just think Coach Stoops has a unique way to make vanilla play calling very entertaining to watch. If they get past FSU then I feel they will be playing for the NC.

Grillin’ and chillin’ during college football season…there is no substitute.

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