Mack Brown Media Days

Big 12 Media Days started yesterday afternoon. But if you tuned in to ESPN yesterday expecting to hear anything about the Big 12, that was a waste of time. The four-letter sports leader didn't much discuss the Big 12. They were a bit too occupied talking with Texas Head Coach Mack Brown. It was a very shrewd media move by the Longhorn leadership.

On a day with Nebraska, Texas A&M, Baylor and Iowa State were at the podium for the assembled Big 12 media, ESPN had UT's Mack Brown booked wall-to-wall. So, the #1 source for sports was all Longhorns all the time.

There was little or no room for conference discussion while ESPN producers and hosts were busy giving Brown the full Jake Locker treatment. He made the round throughout the afternoon - Sportscenter at 1:00 (as Pelini is speaking), Sports Nation, College Football Live, and so on.

I am not going to sit here and spout conspiracy rumors or get too weird about it. Was Texas' shrewd media move designed to shut two of UT's biggest competitors (A&M and NU) out of the ESPN mix? No, I wouldn't go that far. Besides there are several other media outlets for getting Big 12 news. But, I have been around the block enough times to know there are certainly no accidents with this stuff. This was well planned and well executed on Texas' part.

Of course, Brown delivered the goods, too. That guy is the opposite of Coach Pelini in terms of his ability to engage - even enjoy - an interview. While Pelini looks like he is at the dentist, provides his business as usual comments and tries to convince reporters not to ask about the Big Ten move, Brown is smiles, affably answers questions about this year's and previous years' Longhorn squads, and hands out gifts to ESPN personalities on air (I used to have respect for you, Michelle Beadle).

The end result is that as the football world tuned in for anything Big 12, they got all things Texas. Remember, UT gets another bite at the media apple when their turn at the podium happens later this week. And, oh yeah, Nebraska and A&M - with their preseason Player of the Year candidates - got shut out on ESPN television.

Well played, Texas. Very well played.

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Even if Texas hadn’t booked ESPN solid, don’t expect Nebraska to get mentioned very much any more.  The Huskers will be mainstays on the Big Ten Network, a Fox Sports ran channel.  ESPN isn’t the leader of sports news anymore.  They’re the leader of sports new pertaining to whoever they’ve got a deal with.  And right now, Texas is the big fish of a conference that has a major deal with ESPN in the works.

Maybe they should call it the Everything Special Pertaining to Texas Network?

I tuned into College Football Live hoping to see Bo.  Guess again.  Since it’s Big 12 media week, it’s only fitting they have Brown and Texas all over the air waves all week.  No one should still be wondering why this conference was on life support this year and NU and CU took a lifeboat off the Titanic.  Texas is a cancer for any conference.  To the remaining nine members, end your suffering and just pull the plug.  And to ESPN, you’ve become the Capitol Hill of sports.  Your anchors go above and beyond to make themselves the center of attention and you constantly report on contracts worth tens of millions of dollars while most of this country is struggling mightily.  It’s fitting you jumped in the sack with Texas.   

This was really irritating that ESPN did really cover Big 12 news on Monday when Bo and players were on display. Boooo ESPN

*****NEWS FLASH*****

The Big 26 is all about Ohio State, Penn State and Michigan.

Think things will be different just cause you show up with your hands in your pockets?

“Well played, Texas. Very well played.”

Thank you.

*****NEWS FLASH*****


OU7times: I have read your posts on here for awhile.  You seem to relish the role of devil’s advocate and cherish OU’s relationship with UT.  Makes no difference to me, as long as OU is happy with their relationship with Texas, great for you.  For me, it’s like a friend married to an evil pig of a woman.  You can try to show them the truth, but in the end they are the ones that have to live with them.

hahahaa. You NU fans are such a bunch of whiners. You just can’t handle it that Texas is better at marketing AND football. Your old school ways aren’t going to get you anywhere if you can’t win games. And good luck being any better in the big 10. You will still be low on the totem pole. What conference will you jump to when you realize that? The old NU that I knew would never back away from a fight. Not anymore. Now you choose to cry and complain and still lose games. Hook ‘Em

This is the second NU article I have read that has OU7times trolling… at least he could make an argument that made sense lol

Oh my gosh “TheJamo”, UT has won ONE national championship since like 1972 and you think folks are afraid of you?  You can’t be serious!  Texas arrogance knows no bounds.  I’m sure Colt and the offensive unit from last year couldn’t say NU is afraid of UT with a straight face.  Forget the past, it’s all about the future.  Let’s just see how 2010 plays out before we go around beating our chests.

You guys just hate the fact that Texas became the power broker in the conference. That’s why you left and you can’t sugarcoated it and make us believe it otherwise. When Texas beats you in Lincoln all this talk about NU being back will fade. O

edjayhawk, UT better stick with the conference of yes-men it’s currently with.  You and I both know no other conference would allow UT’s dictatorship antics.  As for our October date, the proof will be in the pudding.  And I’m betting pudding is what UT will be beaten into.  Do steers ever walk with their tail between their legs?  We may find out sooner than later.  Big 12 powerbroker?  UT just may witness NU’s power and leave a little broker.

I’ve got no problem with ESPN “eating their own dog food”.  They’re in the business of making money, and to make money, they’ve got to push their products.  Texas has a brand that ESPN will be able to utilize for a good deal of money, just as Texas will utilize ESPN for their own gains.  As much as I don’t like it now, even before all of this conference mess, I was never a big fan of how the Big 12 managed to make a mess of the television deals.  I mean, get more complicated (and another).

i just noticed that it posted twice. i can’t help it that the server on this po - dunk blog can’t process correctly. This is what I don’t understand from you NU fans. And to be clear I used to always respect NU. I love the tradition and the rivalry and I thought that for the most part NU was full of classy fans. Now all I hear is whining about how Texas runs the b12 and and they use their influence to make money and be in the spotlight. OF COURSE THEY DO. And you would too! At the end of the day, as much as i love the purity of college football (what’s left of it) and seeing great games between storied programs and underdogs beating the giants, it is all about the money. Schools want to make money. In order to make money you have to have your brand out there. In order to get in the spotlight you have to win. In order to win you have to recruit good players. In order to recruit good players you have to be at the top…...... and so on. In one big circle it goes. On the surface it is pretty simple. NU was tired of being in the shadow. I think it was a smart move. They have a better chance of recruiting now. They will have a slightly better chance of standing out. And they have the potential to earn much more money. I just don’t understand how you NU fans can’t wrap your head around the fact that UT is doing is exactly what everyone school wishes they could do. And given the opportunity NU would take the reigns of their football universe. Instead all you do is whine about the .01 second game and tell UT fans we are ego-maniacal arrogant idiot cowboys with no education. 

I am pumped for the game in OCT. Of course i believe we are going to win. But if we lose I am going to text my good friend who happens to be the biggest NU fan I have ever met a quick “congrats” and be done with it. And I know that he will do the exact same thing if UT wins. Because that is what real fans do. They talk trash and have a good time and enjoy sports. But they don’t do all this name calling and come up with conspiracy theories and they aren’t hateful to people just because they don’t like what team someone roots for. I am sorry for the dumb UT fans out there who ruin it for the rest of us. And I am sad to see the same thing on the NU side. But for gods-sake lets talk some trash and watch some football and leave all the rest of the nonsense alone. If you can’t do that and you feel hate in your heart for people because of the school they support then you need to remember that it’s just a sport. It is supposed to be fun!!

Hey Jamo

The way I see it the Husker aren’t running from a fight but running to a conference that will provide a bigger fight. No need to jump to another conference since the Big 10 + 2 is all about a fair fight. Enjoy your Little 12 (-2) conference and your lack of strength in schedule. I’m sure you’ll be at the losing end of the OU thrashing you’ll receive. To bad you’ll need to give up everything Texas in order to join another conference. LMAO over Texas delusional mindset, comical at best.

So Jamco if you are that real fan then why all the hate? Shouldn’t you by your own terminology just ignore this blog or maybe say something positive. Hypocrite is what comes to my mind after reading your post. Face it, what has you so hot and going against what you just proclaimed is the fact that the post is about your beloved Texas and we all know it’s not politically correct to bad mouth Texas even though they appear on a recent list as the 8th most hated college team.


I never said anything hateful. I think most honest people would agree with everything I said. I was googling for some good material for my NU fan friend because we like to give each other examples of bad sports writing and i happened upon this gem. I did enjoy the piece he wrote about Mack Brown Media day. I watched all the stuff on ESPN yesterday and it was interesting that Mack dominated. But even your blogger here complimented it.

So…“TheJamo” is now the true sportsman and the voice of reason.  NOBODY knows what the outcome will be in October, we can all just hope for our desired outcome.  You yourself said Texas is just looking out for its own interest by leveraging its influence and any school would do the same.  BINGO!  Then why do you and hoards of your brethren paint NU as the “bad guy” and UT as the knight in shining armor set on saving the Big 12 from the dastardly deeds of CU and NU?  Or worse yet, NU is “scared” of playing UT so off to another conference.  NU did exactly what you proclaim UT has done.  Look out for the best interests of NU.  If Texas wants all of the power and to solely rule whatever conference they belong to at the time, don’t expect schools with any other options to bow down to it.  I feel sorry for the rest of the Big 12 North.  If they had any other legitimate options, there would not be a Big 12 (10) conference nowr .  I am sure of that. 

Nebraska will never ever return to the glory days. Scholarship limitations, playing in conferences with more members to compete against, and recruits don’t view NU as a powerhouse like they once did. I think Callahan left a bad taste in recruit decisions. They don’t know who Tom Osborn and Turner Gill are. As far as this year, your fan base expectations are way to high. A lot of fans from other Big 12 North schools aren’t buying the hype. I heard at the media day yesterday that you are starting 10 sophomores on defense. You have good depth in the OL but I question your depth at the skill positions. I don’t know why you still refer to a tailback as a “I Back” because the option days I assume are over. And whose your QB? Zach Lee better be improved or you are in trouble. Every team in the Big 12 are not afraid of playing you on their home field. And I look at the scores from last year and they were not impressive in the conference. Beat Baylor by 10? Beat K-State by only two touches in Lincoln? Lost to ISU at home? The game this year in Ames will be a great game and I consider it a toss-up. I hope you give a warm welcome to Turner when takes the field but we are not going there to hold hands and think of old times. I’ve heard from a lot of sources that Gill is already working on the Nebraska game plan and its not even August! Okay that’s my rant. Thanks-

You people seriously need some therapy. Lots of therapy. Your resentment is going to eat you alive. When you move to the other conference, you will likely find something else to fixate on, right? Get some therapy.

You guys are too much, and this obsession with Texas is unhealthy. Get a life! Go eat some corn. Seriously, your hatred for the Horns is comical, despondent, and classless. Where is the class you’ve always claimed? What will you do when tOSU is KING in the Big 10. Let it go!

Dylan Admire decommitted from Nebraska today. He will visit Coach Gill this week and suppose to announce he will sign with us. The thing I heard most is he liked the football facilities at KU better then NU. In a recent poll on facilities KU was in the top 10 in the country.

Baby steps NU. Work on beat Iowa State first, then we can talk about Texas.

The idea that UT’s strength of schedule is going to seriously suffer sans Nebraska doesn’t wash.  The games between the Horns and Huskers have been good, tough games, but the fact remains that Nebraska has beat the Horns exactly once in the history of the Big 12.  The fact also remains that last year was Nebraska’s best, most competitive in the Big 12 in years, yet the Huskers still lost, with Suh, four times, including to Iowa State.

I’m a Horn fan, so yep, I’m biased.  I’m also still trying to figure out how Nebraska plans to be better in the Big 10+2 than they were in the Big 12.  Osborne and company didn’t like dealing with UT.  I’ll be interested in how they feel after several years of dealing with tOSU, Michigan, and Penn State.  Good luck with that!

Reference the October game, yep, Nebraska’s going to be pumped.  Newsflash…so will Texas.  Those of you in the heartland who think UT’s headed to the dumpster because Colt is gone…wait till you get introduced to Garrett Gilbert.  I expect the same kind of game UT and Nebraska usually play, tough, and competitive right to the end.  I expect the result to be the same as it has been all but once.  Enjoy being about as relevant in the Big 10+2 as you were in the Big 12.  Maybe that will keep you warm in coming winters.

The pressure is all on Nebraska to win the game. They are suppose to be back to dominance and play Tejas in Lincoln. It is the biggest game for NU for the entire season. NU loses and all the hype disappears and the truth comes out.

@edjayhawk I agree that NU put a lot of pressure on themselves to win the UT game, but I don’t think the season hangs on that one game. The staff’s challenge will be to keep the players focused on the next game without looking ahead.

Luckily, Bo is pretty good at keeping players focused. His comments at media day said as much.

BTW more horns fans are discussing this article over here.

I don’t find it surprising ESPN/ABC is promoting UT to drive up ratings for future games.  I also don’t find it surprising the current BIG 12 champ gets a lion’s share of the coverage.  What I don’t get is the animosity from Nebraska.  I love going to Lincoln and always loved the Nebraska fans that came to Austin.  Probably the best fans in college football.  Can a Husker explain and give examples of what unfair/unjust action Texas is guilty of to turn this once friendly rivalry so sour?

Have a question for the NU fans. You say UT has taken over the conference. Can you give examples?

It seems a lot of things you guys are mad about were voted on by all 12 members and usually the votes were 11-1. Can you please explain how UT strong armed the other 10?

Face it, you guys had YOUR way for a long time and others didn’t like it. Now that chicken has come home to roost and you are not happy about it. On many boards this question has been posted and never has one your fans responded to it. Please explain to us that are “ignorant” in these issues how NU was voted down EVERY time and how UT was the one that voted all 11 times.

YOU guys decided to leave cause your football team has is not very good and saint Tom believes a change can make you relevant again. It has nothing to do with money, it is saint Tom’s feelings are hurt. When are any of you going to admit this?

@horn101 Unequal revenue distribution and permanently moving the championship game to Dallas are the reasons most NU fans point to. I’m sure there are others that I’m forgetting at the moment.

I can’t speak to why other teams (especially North teams) went along with those decisions. I’d love to hear their explanations on that.

What’s the over-under on the Big XII staying alive? 5 years? I doubt if it’s that long before it’s completely broken. NU has moved into a very much improved conference athletically and academically. Don’t forget that. I don’t understand the idea of being in a conference if you’re not going to share revenues. I have more respect for ND staying independent than I do Texas for wanting to affiliate themselves with a conference and then hoard the dollars for themselves. Texas now has one genuine annual test in OU with some probable competition coming from the form of A&M. The conference is doomed.


  The others voted on the game being in Dallas, how come no animosity to them. Also when the conference started NU voted for the revenue sharing plan. Why would that matter now? Maybe cause NU isn’t a “name” program that can command tv share like they could 10 years ago.

So once again I ask what did UT do to NU that made this an issue now?

WWWWWow!!  This article pulled in some serious trolls.  I’m glad we all got schooled by them.  Lessen learned everyone.  We will stop defending our Huskers now.  Thanks for the advise.


  Please explain how we are “trolling”. Asking some pretty simple questions and have yet to be answered. How did UT corrupt everyone to completely vote against NU? If the UT is the “bad” guy, nobody has shown any evidence of this so far. It seems to be a strawman argument and NU fans seem to buy into it lock stock and barrel. Please explain how your north bretheren were “corrupted” by the evil UT?

Not trying to stir the pot.  I think Nebraska unequivocally made the best decision for Nebraska.  That decision hurts UT.  The games with Nebraska were always epic, but I don’t blame Nebraska for the decision.  Nebraska is a storied football program and I hate to see them going to another conference.  I agree with the Huskers saying the loss of Nebraska hurts Texas and hurts the Big 12 in the long run, but that decision doesn’t cause me anger towards the program. I don’t feel like Nebraska screwed us over just to spite us.  I see a program trying to do what’s best for the program.  A very good move, too.

The New Big 10 is NOT a better conference athletically then the Big 12 (now 10) even with Nebraska there. OSU, Penn State, and Wisconsin sorta, then what? Michigan can’t seem to rebound after two coaches. Purdue can’t rebound since Joe Tiller retired. Michigan State? Mixed bag there.

Nebraska crybabies are simply tired of losing to Texas. These same types 14 years ago were explaining how lucky Texas was to be allowed to join their conference.

I knew then Texas would hold our own against Nebraska, but Herbie fans would have none of it. Now they’re just sad little bunch of has beens…................ sorta like Yale.

@edjayhawk. Dylan Admire decommited because of playing time. He knew he was gonna have to compete for playing time.

And to say Kansas has better facilities is foolish.

To UTalum and any other Texans who will listen, I speak for me only.  My disdain for Texas was born this year.  It boils down to arrogance, a trait I despise.  If you want to spew historical facts, we can compare national titles, heisman winners, etc, but its pointless.  Husker fans and Horn fans can both point to highs and lows in each program’s history.  We seem to be just coming out of one of our worst in about 30 years. What’s the point?  For Texans to think NU fans hate Texas because of their record in the Big 12, I think you are wrong.  We, and you have had streaks of losses to other teams in history.  It took us awhile to overcome the Florida schools but we did, and in a big way.  We are not immune from low periods same as you.  If you think you are, better get a checkup from the neck up.  Texas was flirting with other conferences and their own network long ago.  Then seemed to display awe and disbelief when NU and CU did the same.  The NERVE of those people to the north.  Then during the whole process to be referred to by leaders as “cornshuckers” and “we didn’t start this but we’re going to finish it” speaks of the arrogance and general lack of respect to which I am referring.  And these comments are from people in leadership positions who help set the tone for everything.  And you all wonder why a little animosity might have sprouted?  Trust me, it’s not towards your players and kids suiting up with the horns on the helmet.  Kids are kids.  I believe UT is better suited to be independent.  I think it’s ultimately what you all want.  I really don’t care what Texas does.  We love our Huskers like you love your Horns.  But disrespect a proud program with a pretty good track record for the better part of 40 years, not to mention with a pretty clean record which seems to be increasingly difficult these days, and you’re going to piss some people off.   


To answer your question

1. Texas refusing to give up there media rights for conference improvement (Big 12 Network)all while giving NU and ultimatum. You all expected commitment while not comitting yourselves. 

2. Conference Office to Dallas.

3. Attempting to get every CCG at Jerry’s world. Most opposing fans have to travel to attend while it end s up being a home game for Texas.

4. Revenue Sharing. I know NU originally voted it against but eventually felt it needed to be reversed, thus the Big 10 move.

5. Not just NU, numerous schools wanted out of the conference based on Texas (NU, CU, A&M, TT and MU)

As for the other teams voting with Texas I think it was a means of finally after many years to beat the Huskers.

To address the 1-8 record against Texas by those posters looking to just stir the pot. Yes Texas does lead NU with 8 wins, thing is those 8 wins came at a time when NU was at there lowest. TO had retired and Frank Solich took over without the right to pick his own coaching staff. Given time I think he may have righted the ship but conflict between him and the AD led to his dismissal. Same poor AD made the Billy C hiring which took NU to the bottom. Bo and TO have the ship heading in the right direction so it just might be in Texas best interest that we are leaving, never know.

Where would you prefer the Big XII CCG be played?  KC?  St. Louis?  Please.  These games should not be played in a possible snowstorm in KC.  The Rams facility is atrocious…thus, we are left with JerryWorld.  State of the art, indoor or outdoor, and face it…Jerry ponied up the dough, no question about it. 

mulliganville, since when is inclement weather not a part of a traditionally outdoor sport?  You think everyone south of the Mason Dixon line is incapable of doing what the rest of the country is able to do in November and December?  It’s not like that at any other level of the sport…high schools play in driving snow across the country, NFL playoffs do as well (Green Bay, Chicago, Foxboro, Pittsburgh, Cleveland, etc).  Since when does an outdoor sport always have to have a final game in someone’s living room?

espn and Texa$ speak the same language- marketing demographics.

Nebrakska knows that language, too. More importantly, they know what that kind of language can lead to- Nebraska getting marginalized right out of competitive existance. Which also, has not much to do with the actual field of play.

Texas has got the biggest program budget wise, in the Country, in the second most populated state. It’s not rocket science, in other words.

As my man Frank Solich, would say, “it is what it is.”

“McDonald’s” is the most popular resturant in the world. Rice, is the most popular food. “American Idol” was, or is, the most popular tv show, in America. Most popular doesn’t mean best, except for the marketing departments.

I got the impression years ago, that Nebraska was an inconvenience for espn to cover. A novelty at best, even at its dominant peak.

To succeed, Nebraska needed to be smart, with “wise owls” workin’ the strategery. That part of the deal’s just been closed. Its leadership has managed to minimize both espn and Texa$‘s overbearing posture and given the program an opportunity to compete and succeed on the field.

Texas sports writers can now pop off all they want, like that fool Jean-Jacques Taylor, calling Nebraska “bigred weenies.”

There are some punk writers, getting paid down in Texas.

I’ll defer to R Lee Ermey-

As some have suggested, I think having the Big 10 championship game at Lambeau Field is a great idea. Choosing that classic football mecca as the site of the first Big 10 Championship makes a statement about Big 10 Football.  Afterall, football is played in the heat, the wind, the rain, the mud and the snow.  This is what I am talking about:

@nebnative:  I am curious…why do the major bowls venture no more north than Pasadena, CA?  Simple…when an important game is on the line, they hope the weather does not become a factor in deciding who the best team is on the field.  Dallas’ January weather was a contributing factor to the Cotton Bowl being relegated to Outback Bowl status. Additionally, it is the very reason why the NFL typically does the same with the Superbowl, although they are rolling the dice for NYC. Make no mistake about it, were it not a new stadium in NYC, that Superbowl is never awarded to an open air stadium from the north. 

@mulliganville Weather is part of the game. Bowls are mostly played in warm weather cities because they want to attract tourists.

If there was a dome in Omaha, you’re saying Texas fans would be fine with the championship game being hosted there permanently?

Darn, if only we had more time to get that built. :)

@Jason:  Why that would be fine…but my guess is the conference brass would prefer more of a top flight locale:)

In all seriousness, I would much prefer the higher ranked team hosting the game on their home field.  At that point in the season, it ought to count for something. 

From one Longhorn fan to Husker fans, I just want to say good luck with the game against UT in Oct, with this season, and your soon to be new home in the Big 10.

I honestly have no animosity against NB and will miss our games. Anyone that thinks you leaving won’t be felt is ony lying to themselves. However, I do believe the Big 12 wil be okay, but only short term if other schools outside of OU and UT don’t field better teams.

Now, what I don’t think Husker fans realize is that most Texas fans didn’t have a problem with you guys until you kept complaining about the game in Dec and then when you went so far as to create that embarassing video with the ‘Beat Texas’ slogan in it. We expect stuff like that from A&M and Tech, but never you or OU.

You may have meant to make it as a motivational video, but we took it as you calling us out so of course we are going to react. The truth is that since that game your fans and your media have been calling us out and spewing nothing but hate towards us. If you do a search on media in TX calling you guys out, most of the articles are recent and were done after that video was created.

You will not see nearly as many articles on this UT/NB animosity coming out of Austin as you do coming from Omaha - it’s not even close. And for your information - alot of those guys such as Kirk Bohls, Jean Jacques or whatever his name is, aren’t even pro UT! They have never been. Simple research would’ve told you that. Hell, that Jean dude is an Ohio State alum! They are writing articles like that for hits and you guys are feeding into it.

You mistake TX pride for arrogance. Most of us are so tired of hearing that that we will simply go along with the claim when it is made by saying something that we know will annoy you hence the “We’re Texas” slogan. It’s funny to me but it is all done in fun. If we were that bad you would hardly be able to walk around the State of TX wearing anything NB without getting harassed. TX is a huge state and there are fans from all over here, but hardly do they get harassed and I suspect whatever harassment happens is not news worthy. I’ve joked with a Tech fan once but it was all in fun - nothing serious. If Longhorns were so arrogant, then those that have actually went to games between NB and UT would present more stories on here about how horribly you were treated during those games by UT fans and how arrogantly thet acted, but I don’t see that.

You complain about UT getting the majority of the TV revenue money, well the PAC 10 has the same deal - only the SEC and Big 10 split it evenly. But you seem to forget that when UT came into this conference, for a long time NB was getting the majority of that money - where was the outrage from NB then? You can try to minimize UT’s accomplishments all you want, but like you, we had our down time but fought through it and took your spot in receivng the most money from TV revenue, but that was something we had to work for - it was not given. And BTW UT has made the most money overall in the last five years or so, but our athletic budget is not the biggest, I believe that would be Ohio State - I don’t even think UT is in the top 10 when it comes to athletic budgets.

You seem to forget UT is one vote. How could you even demean a school like OU and call them followers because they wanted to keep the conference together along with UT? I think in time that OU as well as UT could go independent if they wanted. OU is just as powerful as UT but the two school have administrations that are smart enough to realize they equally need each other and are better together than apart - regarless of how much the two fan bases may dislike each other.

If you think your recruiting of TX won’t be hurt by this move, you are mistaken - see Arkansas who now plays in what is considered the best conference in CFB. They went from the majority of their team being from TX to hardly being able to recruit Texans and they are also much closer to TX than NB.

Please tell me how one school in a conference runs 11 other schools - 8 of which are in completely different states. I love the way you have hyped up the power of UT and the TX legislature, but they are simply not that powerful out of the state of TX. But I will humor your claim - if UT is strong arming the other teams in the conference, shouldn’t you be mad and demand that your administration/government officials be replaced for being so weak? There’s no way one State can run 8 others.

Why would you be mad about UT being against partial qualifiers? It changed the conference for the better and everyone but NB was in favor of it. It put recruiting on equal ground for everyone. Only students that deserve to play should play - playing college football is a privilege not a right. UT does not get it’s way all the time either, but hardly do we complain about it and form conspiracy theories about other schools running the show.

I don’t get the problem with Dallas being chosen as the spot for the championship game. It’s not like it’s in Austin, and like someone stated, as with the Superbowl, alot of people like seeing the game played on equal ground, in a controlled climate, that’s why alot of Superbowls are played down South. The SEC plays its championship in the ATL, but they don’t whine about UGA running the show. And while I’m sure there are venues up north that you would rather the game be played in, Dallas is the better spot - the city as well as the stadium. Jerry Jones is a media magnet as well as his venue - I suppose maybe you guys don’t think the Big 12 leadership took that into account when deciding. That is good exposure for the Big 12 as a whole - not to mention more money.

Alot of you have called TX greedy, well fill me in on why you left for the Big 10. It’s not about greed on either side but making the best business decision for your school and money is alway a factor so don’t fool yourself. Why the animosity for the Longhorn Network? You too can have your own network - it’s not like it’s exclusive to TX. As a matter of fact TX and OU are working on it together, as OU will start their own as well. UT athletics are venturing into the water and energy business. A&M will also set up an electric company a month after UT I believe. The point is TX is not being afforded opportunities that NB doesn’t have.

And of course Mack Brown is getting exposure but it’s not only because of his success - the media loves him. Him and Bob Stoops are the most successful coaches in the Big 12, but on a few of the shows he was on, the hosts were stating how much they loved him and how they would rather he do those types of events versus Bob Stoops and even Nicki Saban and Urban Meyer, but that is just because of Mack’s personality. I hardly doubt that when Muschamp takes over he will be as loved by the media as his personality while likeable is right there with Stoops, Meyer, Pelini, and Saban. Most people love Mack even if they hate the Longhorns - that’s what makes him a good recruiter. There is no media conspiracy against NB. If Mack were at NB, he would’ve still been on. If here were at A&M, OU or any school in the Big 12, he would’ve been on. They asked him to do that a while ago. The timing wasn’t the best, but who knows what his schedule looks like. As Mack has stated many times, I believe NB and Alabama are two of his favorite schools, and he looks up to your AD - I doubt he maliciously went on those interviews to somehow overshadow NB’s media day. You have to remember that the event was hosted by Fox Sports - at least it was here, and not by ESPN as the SEC’s was. There has been nothing on the Big 12 media days on any ESPN channel that I’ve seen from either the first or second day. Blame it on Beebe for choosing a crappy channel to cover it - not Mack Brown.


That’s the most insightful, well-written piece I’ve seen from the Texas perspective in a while. A very good position and difficult to argue with that. Sometimes it’s easy to lose another’s perspective. Very well done. And this is coming from an NU fan. I blame a lot of it all on Beebe. Without the ultimatum, NU is probably at this point, still in the Big XII, but I’m excited for the Big 10 even though I think it hasn’t made the scheduling for NU in football any easier.

To regurgitate: 

(Nebraska fans) this is the ignorance that Nebraska fans living in Texas deal with on a daily basis.

Texas fans love to try and rewrite history to skew towards their favor—the recent Big teXII meetings are a case-in-point.

We all know that Harvey the Wonder Chancellor beat Texas at their own game by whipping his **** out and letting the grandness of it sit on the table while asking for all schools to assign media rights to the conference as a whole. Then Harvey called a vote on it to simply have on record Texas’ disdain for actually giving a commitment.

Yet, to hear it told south of the Mason-Dixon line, Nebraska is a group of cowards running away from this conference. Yes, Nebraska is chock full of cowardice joining a conference that provides more fiscal stability, the ability for its fans across the United States of America (and not just the Lone Star Idiocracy) to see all games without craptacular PPV, and has conference members that don’t **** and insist to the other members that it’s the sweetest smell that God himself ever came up with.

Texas can’t win honestly—they’ll see that as soon as they join another conference and must play by rules they didn’t concoct for their sole benefit.

What will be sweet about that, when (and not if) it comes to fruition, is that we’ll be basking in the glow of our television sets watching all of our games in HD as we march toward a Saturday night game of the week against an OSU, Penn State, Michigan, Wisconsin, or Iowa.

To add, what we saw with the Big XII having ‘technical difficulties’ with the Nebraska portion of Big teXII media days is more or less a precursor of things to come this year.  The ‘Whorns know they can’t win on a level playing field, so they’ll use their Head of Referees alum Walt Anderson to stack the deck and screw over Nebraska to the benefit of his alma matter, just like he did in the Big teXII title game last year.


I heard otherwise. And they say there are more deflections to come because local kids don’t want to travel so far in the Big 10. And yes KU’s facilities are better and newer I might add. Face it, your not the king anymore.


I do owe you a correction. I read it wrong. NU is 3rd and KU is 9th. But yes KU’s are newer.

Where has all this Nebraska “We’re Back” nonsense come from, losing in Lincoln to ISU, or was it holding the Red Raiders to a 31-10 defeat again in Lincoln?

Would y’all consider leaving now if we allow you to keep your penalty money?

NU. come on!!  have you ever stopped to think that maybe if Tom Osbourne didn’t do all the thinking for you, all this pathetic whining would never have happened?  did you hear him at the press conference announcing the move to the big10?  it was all about other schools courting other conferences.  nothing about responsibility on how NU openly stated, before the invitation no less, that they would be interested in leaving.  no mind that he has cried since day one.  for LOWER academic standards?  huh?  no mind that eleven other schools were involved in all this mess.  but no.  whine whine whine about Texas.  whine whine whine.  if he had just taken a back seat like most retirees do, ya’ll would be fine.  but no.  he’s a power hungry brat who cries in his sandbox that nobody likes him, and your school follows him around like a stray dog.  pathetic.  get a life man. 

Drankthewine, you would do well to check yourself into AA before posting again.

Texas’ flirtations with the Pac-10 and Big-10 (remember the Tech problem?) predate those of Nebraska and the Big 10. 

As for the eleven other schools, it’s apparent that you have yourself a Texas education, as your reading comprehension is lacking at best.  Harvey the Wonder Chancellor came up with a plan that would have saved the conference and helped 10 of the 11 schools.  Texas simply thought their **** doesn’t stink and turned their nose up at the plan, not realizing the implications of doing so. 

And you cry about LOWER academic standards, yet Texas is consistently one of the worst schools in the FBS when it comes to graduation rates of players, typically graduating fewer than 50% yearly. 

Conversely, Nebraska (even with the Prop48 kids) has more Academic All-Americans than any school in the nation, and even II-A Nebraska Wesleyan is coming close to surpassing the number of Academic All-Americans that Texas has.  Nebraska is also at or near the top in the Big teXII for graduation rates (typically at or around 75%) for players, and is typically in the Top 25 for graduation rates of all FBS schools. 

Texas’ bitch session regarding Prop48 kids was nothing more than a thinly veiled attempt to undermine our (more than successful) walk-on program by using class warfare (a tactic Texas is well versed in using).  By excluding Prop 48 kids, Texas made it difficult for kids from rural and/or poor school districts to get accepted.  These poor kids would overwhelmingly choose a school like Nebraska over Texas as they know they would have a legitimate chance to earn an education and earn a roster spot with hard work. 


The more the Texas fans troll, the more I realize what a cancer the University of Texas and its fans are to collegiate sports.  Their sheer ignorance of college athletics is only matched by their close-mindedness in dealing with what their program has become and how it will ultimately destroy yet another conference in its wake. 

Nebraska fans and media need to get over this Napoleonic complex.  If Nebraska could win a conference championship, BCS bowl game, or anything better than the Holiday bowl over the last 10 years maybe you would be more news worthy.  If the only reason you make the news is because you are crying about Texas controlling your conference that should tell you something.  Speaking of whining, stop complaining about Texas not allowing you to take academically inferior athletes via the partial qualifier program, the NCAA does not allow these guys in school and you still won’t have them in the Big 10.

Also, the article is incorrect in stating that “two of UT’s biggest competitors (A&M and NU)” were shut out of ESPN media coverage. Oklahoma is our only competitor A&M and Nebraska have not been relevant for over a decade. 

Quit whining and make your self relevant on the football field.

Another point/counter point between NU and UT fans…yawn, yawn.  It’s played out.  Same arguments every time.  “NU are a bunch of whiners”  “UT fans are a bunch of arrogant a$$es”.  We’ll have enough time for this when the build up to 10/16 begins. For now, stick to your own message boards.

I was going to make a point after reading the article, but forgot while reading the pissing match.

With the Mack Brown show, my frustration was not at UT or at ESPN.  Mack would be stupid not to hit the circuit and promote the school, and like someone else posted, ESPN is in business to get people to watch. UT is worth watching.

My frustration is at the Big 12, and in particular, Beebe’s office.  The circuit Brown went on just further emphasizes a conference that tilts to one party.  Do you really think Ohio St’s J. Tressel would be on ESPN during their media days?  Hell no.  You know why? Their conference leadership wouldnt’ allow it.  How about the SEC? Now, Saben certainly got some of his own air time, but the SEC conference would not allow Urban Meyer to go solo at ESPN during their media days b/c the media days are about the conference and the teams in it as a whole. Not about one school or the other. 

As a result of this summer, it is well known UT can do whatever they want w/ no consequences from the Big 12 offices b/c UT is, in fact, the Big 12.  It is too bad, because there are plenty of great schools and sports programs other than UT, but once again, Beebe gets on his knees and sucks whatever UT tells him to.

Tubberville gets publicly reprimanded by Beebe for telling the truth and not showing conference loyalty/solidarity, yet UT is allowed to go on the air waves and take PR/news time away from the conference w/o any word from Beebe.

Great thing if you are UT, further de-emphasizes the rest of the schools in the Big 12.  Shame on Beebe, not UT or ESPN. 

@Matt:  Wow…just wow.  Are you really so delusional that you still think the refs screwed the Huskers by ADDING one second back on the clock?  Every replay showed the ball landing with one second left on the clock.  It was the right call. 

But, the call should not have mattered.  Had your kicker NOT kicked the ball out of bounds and had your defender NOT drawn the horse collar penalty, Hunter Lawrence would not have had the opportunity to win the game. 

It was a loss in a game that NU probably should have won…but you could not find the end zone…as great as the Husker D was last season, your offense was equally woeful. 

“Texas has got the biggest program budget wise, in the Country, in the second most populated state”

FWIW this is INCORRECT.  Texas has the NINTH largest football budget in college football(see link below).  Ohio State actually had the largest football budget in the country last year.  In fact the difference btwn Texas and Nebraska last year was only . Texas does bring in more revenue than any college football program in the country right now but they are spending as much as some other schools. Here is how the budgets broke out last season in the Big 12:

1. Texas


2. Oklahoma


3. Nebraska


4. Texas A&M


5. Missouri


6. Iowa State


7. Kansas State


8. Texas Tech


9. Kansas


10. Colorado


11. Oklahoma State


12. Baylor


I heard Mack Brown was actually coaching for Iowa State last year.

Really? That would explain why Iowa State got pushed around the whole game. The Cyclones did seem exceptionally soft up front.

I guess Mack got lucky again with 8 Husker turnovers.

Well, since it appears that the folks that called for the Big teXII-II’s existence ending in less than three years may be able to collect here soon.

Here’s hoping Beebe ***** up the situation with Texas aTm (as he has done with everything else) and they skip town to the SEC.


if you don’t think we’ll have a team ready to play on Oct. 16th, you’re sorely mistaken.  we’ll settle it there.  trust me.

In the end Texas did what was best for the Big 12. I mean I wasn’t particularly interested in playing in the Mountain West, would you be?

Yeah, Ed… they did exactly the best thing… for THEM.

They extorted more money from the little 5 (including KU), and didn’t have to share any TV money.

What nice folks, huh.

With friends like those….

Honestly I believe this to be part of a back room deal ESPN has signed with TU. TU guarantees X amount of access to their program as part of a back room deal. I wouldnt put it past TU to take less TV cash for X guaranteed prime time appearances.

Of course TU in their nasty mind knows they’re sticking the knife in their conference brothers but they justify it as ‘looking out for their best interests’.

I’m sure Nebraska big wigs are privy to some of this type of stuff and this entered into their decision to leave this circus sideshow.

Hopefully A&M stands up and leaves too. Beebe calling us out and back pedaling from his $20 mil promise to us might be the final straw.

We saved the Big 12-2 and his thanks to us is to call us out and humiliate us.

You NU fans are nuts. Just one time I want to hear an NU fan admit that you lost the big 12 championship game last year because you couldn’t close it out. The horse collar and the out of bounds kick lost you that game at the end. Not the 1 second field goal. All i hear from you morons is crying about how the refs screwed you and it’s one big conspiracy theory to get UT everything they want and screw NU. Grow up. According to every NU fan, the only reason they ever lose is because you got screwed by something out of your control. When in reality your inabilities lost those games. And aggievonbaron, you probably think we didn’t actually put a man on the moon don’t you? You are an idiot.


You wrote, “According to every NU fan, the only reason they ever lose is because you got screwed by something out of your control.”

Ever lose?  Tell me, when have Nebraska fans ever claimed they lost “by something out of [their] control?”

This is the only time in my memory when Nebraska has claimed a loss was “out of their control.”

Maybe you could enlighten me with some facts to back up your statement.

Aren’t you all getting tired bashing Texas and blaming them for everything you haven’t achieved in the Big XII since it started?

It isn’t there fault that you hired lousy coaches and let your program go down hill. What do you expect them to do….roll over because you are the Big Red?

Get over it and move on. Maybe you will do better against lesser competition.

York2.. this is my sentiment as well. “According to EVERY Nu fan”?

Jamo.. I get really sick of the Texas fans saying “every” and “all you” Husker fans. As a die hard Husker, along with every friend, relative and coworker I know who are also Husker fans, I can tell you we are NOT whining. You wanna base this opinion on the very few who get on the internet and comment on these boards? Laughable..

“MOST all” of us Husker fans were disappointed in the results of the CCG. But we were proud of how our Huskers played and made a game out of it. Especially considering most outsiders didn’t give us any chance of keeping it close.

And just for you Jamo.. We lost the CCG because we didn’t close it out..PERIOD. 2 huge mistakes aided your win. And some can even blame SUH (sarcasticly spoken of course) Had he not been as good as he was to flush Colt out and hurry him, that 1 second may have ticked off before Colt even had the chance to throw it. But I digress, all a bunch of “what if’s” that doesn’t matter anymore. I’m not dwelling on it and I don’t know of any other Husker fans, besides a “few” on these type of boards who are. But most definately not ALL.


Well at least you won’t have to get spanked anymore by KU in basketball. We would be interested in keeping the game but frankly you’re not good enough to help our RPI.

Bill K. Jul 29 10

Yeah, Ed… they did exactly the best thing… for THEM.

They extorted more money from the little 5 (including KU), and didn’t have to share any TV money.

What nice folks, huh.

With friends like those….

Again what were our options? We didn’t want to go to the Mountain West or even the Pac 10, especially for our basketball program. The only way out I saw was from the Big 12 North minus CU go to the Big 10 and have two, eight team east and west divisions. But I don’t think that big of expansion was on the Big 10’s mind.

AggieVonBaron—I do hope that the folks in College Station find their cojones and do what they should have done earlier—jump ship to the SEC. 


You have options.  The Mountain West would had been a viable option, especially since adding Kansas, KSU, and (maybe) Mizzou would had likely pushed them over the top for a BCS slot. 

And the Big 10 isn’t done with expansion.  I’ve said this before, and I’ll say it again—I think that Kansas and Mizzou will be invited into a 16-team Big 10 conference.  The only impediment for Kansas will be the anchor around its neck known as K-State. 

But if Kansas can shed KSU, then Kansas will get a Big 10 invite before Missouri—they have a better basketball acumen, their football program has done more than Missouri’s in the past decade, and they pull both the KC and St. Louis markets. 

If anything, Kansas fans should be pulling for College Station to call the Big XII-II out on the $20 million and jump ship to the SEC so you can rip the band-aid off this conference already.  The sooner this is done, the better, especially for the prepared.

The Mountain West would had been a viable option, especially since adding Kansas, KSU, and (maybe) Mizzou would had likely pushed them over the top for a BCS slot.

Yes but they lost Utah.

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