Game Day Pocket Guide for Fresno State

Here's your Game Day Pocket Guide for the Fresno State game. What is a pocket guide, you ask?

It's only two pages of Husker football goodness that will make you a smarter fan on Saturday. Rosters, facts, stats and schedules. Print it out and stick it in your pocket on game day. And print one for your friend.

Print the Nebraska vs Fresno State Game Day Pocket Guide.

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Just so you know. The “Tale of the Tape” on this weeks pocket guide still lists Chattanooga rather than Fresno State. Better get that changed

Doh. Thanks for the heads up. I fixed that.

“National Ranking by Category. Longer is better. That’s what she said”...I love this blog/site.

Thanks Adam. The sophomoric humor was mostly for my own benefit, but I’m glad it gave you a chuckle too.

That and the laid back, sarcastic sense of humor of this site shows in that caption. But nevermind that shit (anyone?), I think this will be a bit like last year’s Washington game. A big offensive battle. Nebraska being disappointed in itself and trying to flex its muscles. Fresno State also with a lot to prove and they have shown that they are hungry for a better showing on offense. Nebraska wins this handly (sp?) 55-21.

Still says Chattanooga when I pull it up…

@dbailey Try clearing your browser’s cache or restarting your browser. It’s probably just saving the old one. Annoying, I know.

Trevor Roach is r frosh #43 lb not on roster

@jkil Good catch. I’m not sure why he wasn’t on there. I added him for next week.

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