Breaking News: Carl Pelini to Florida Atlantic

Carl Pelini to FAU

Brett McMurphy of CBS Sports is reporting that Nebraska Defensive Coordinator Carl Pelini has been offered the Head Coach job at Florida Atlantic University. The report also indicates that sources expect Pelini to accept the offer. If he accepts, Pelini would replace Howard Schnellenberger as the Owls' Head Coach. Florida Atlantic is 1-10 so far this season. Pelini, 45, has been Nebraska's Defensive Coordinator since 2008 when his brother Bo became Nebraska's Head Coach.

The Carl Pelini File

1987-1988 Cardinal Mooney HS (AC)
1989-1990 Kansas State (GA)
1991 Kansas State (REC)
1993-1994 Blue Valley HS (DC)
1995-1999 Winnetonka HS (HC/AD)
2000-2002 Austintown-Fitch HS
2003 Nebraska (GA)
2004 Minnesota-Mankato (DC/DB)
2005-2007 Ohio (DL)
2008-present Nebraska (DC/DL)

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Good luck Carl…you’re gonna need it!

Congratulations Coach!  Let the Peilini dominance of College Football expand….you will win there, because you and your brother are winners!!

Guess Im FAU’s newest fan.  Go Carl!

Good luck Carl! We love ya.  You ought to be welcomed at Florida Atlantic.  A 1-11 team?  That team knows something about defense, having seen a lot of it this year on top of their QB.

As a wise man once said, (around January of ‘04) “defensive coordinators are a dime a dozen.”
If you don’t “get it” right off, take a moment…

Unless they’ve offered him a mil. plus, why not offer him “SEC coordinator” money? Oh, that’s right! They already make that.
Too bad Marvin Sanders, already cancelled himself. He might’ve been in line. I don’t think Papuchis, or, Ekeler at Indiana, are yet ready. Even though that’s what Eks does, right now.
Bo seems to have somewhat of a distraction, while he’s out recruiting.

Hopefully, Carl doesn’t further raid the chicken house.

How about Mark Stoops as our new DC?

Rob, love your suggestion. From a strictly recruiting point-of-view, how about Ron Zook? He was a great recruiter, had an above average to good defense, and would be a big name to the DC position. IMO, 1) Ron Zook, 1B) Mark Stoops,

Wow, I didn’t see this coming, but at the same time, Congrats to Carl Pelini.  Best of Luck to you Sir, Best of Luck.  This could possibly be an open door for Scott Frost to make his way back to Nebraska(admittedly, I am reaching quite far here) as a possible replacement for DC.  I just hope that Dr. Tom and Bo take their time and choose wisely.  This could and should be a big time oppurtunity for Nebraska to score huge on the Defensive side of the ball.  As always, GO BIG RED!!!!!

I think Ron Zook would be a great hire…Also wouldn’t mind Alabama Defensive Coordinator Kirby Smart.  His D has been doing ok this year.

Turner Gill and Mark Stoops would be the first two people I would go after.  If a coach gets a head job he takes atleast one more guy with him from the current staff to feel comfortable.  I can see Carl taking   Two coaches with him a OC and DC for his new staff.  Coach Els would be a good DC he coached with Carl at Ohio and NEB.  Then maybe Cotton as OC again to get a HC somewhere or Fisher the WR coach.  I wish him luck and I hope we never play them because that is never good to beat up your family.

Lets get Mike Stoops in here

Mike Stopps got torched by Shawn Watson’s crappy offense.  I don’t want that guy anywhere close to the state of Nebraska.  His last name might be Stoops but he doesn’t belong in the same family picture with this brother.

Congrats Carl i guess i am now a
Fmr.Buffalo(collage team)
Now Fau

I have a hunch that Bo probably promotes someone internally, and then Bo will be more involved in the defense next year and help the guy he promotes learn the ropes of being a DC.

I know some have mentioned Mark Stoops…but he wasn’t THAT bad at Arizona, as in bad enough that he’d need to take a step back into a coordinator position. I’m sure he’ll go be a head coach somewhere else.

And random thought…can we get Turner Gill here as a recruiting coordinator?

can’t even expound on my disgust at Carl’s treachery!

Barfing again:  I’m confused by your comment, can you please explain?

If Carl is really gone Bo will hire a new DC whom agrees with Bo’s overall view of the defense.  I don’t think Bo wants a “yes” man but I think Bo wants someone who’s on the same page defensively as he is.  I’ll feel comfortable with whom ever Bo picks.
Good luck Carl!

If Carl is leaving how would that affect our recruiting?

I know that Bo is the defensive genius but the players we’re recruiting may see that as a reason to sign with a different team.

If Carl Pelini goes, then we need to find a DC that puts our defense in the aggressive mode.  This year seemed like a passive defense, especially along the defensive line.  IT’s not that they couldn’t rush the Quarterback, it’s that the scheme they were being told to do, was passive.  I hope this is not Bo’s scheme too?  We need someone to come in an get our defensive line aggressive again, and do a lot more blitzing.  Someone who can stop fast and allusive Quarterbacks.

The rumor last season was Carl was having an affair with a boosters wife.  Not sure if this is true but the rumor was the NU Booster wanted him gone last year and when TO talked to BO about it his response was “If he’s gone I’m gone!”  I heard last week Carl was living in Bo’s basement and that BO was looking into the Mississippi job.  Again.  Not sure any of this is true.  Rumors about Husker Football spread like a brush fire here in Nebraska.

Rumors in Nebraska about Husker Football do spread like wildfire…I see you Lotsa Luck doing your best to fan the flames. Jerk.

DAn- could not agree more. The rabble rousers like Lotsa Luck spread baseless rumors for their own self gratification. Facts are what is important, not some off the freakin’ wall “I heard down at the bar” rumor. If Carl goes, I wish him luck. If he stays, I wish him luck. Good DC are not a dime a dozen. Bo could go internal, but would probably at least look at people like Mike and Mark Stoops, who at last report were available( although one reporter has suggested Mike may join Urban Meyer at OSU). Either way, Bo and TO will be the people to make the choice, not rumormongers like Lotsa Luck.

I actually heard the rumor about the affair last year too, though nothing about Bo.  Nonetheless, I’m not surprised Carl is moving on…probably time to get out of little brother’s shadow.  In any case, we went from Bofense to Carlgate this year no matter how you look at it as our defense hasn’t been able to stop anything.

As far as recruiting, I think we will be fine.  We probably have as much of a chance keeping/getting the players on our list as we did before.  It’s not like we were blazing a trail here lately…and many of our top commits are offensive players.  It would be nice if Bo would make a big-name hire, but I highly doubt that will happen.

Good luck is rite!!  Its goona be a long time before he gets that program turned around!  Big loss for the RED!

I will miss Carl Pelini if he leaves.  He has great coaching skills and is much better with the press than Bo.

Lets look at the positives for Carl.
Carl gets to live in Boca Raton.
Carl gets to recruit in talent rich Florida.
Carl takes over a program with ZERO expectations.  (like Gill at Buffalo)
Good luck Carl.  We will miss you.  Who is gonna control Bo on the sidelines now.

We already have the best defensive coordinator in the country…Bo Pelini. How is another DC going to fit with Bo’s schemes and personality? Not too well I wouldn’t think if it’s someone with any kind of pedigree at all. It will never happen because it would be a step down for Bo, but if he could move to the DC position, it would allow us to go out and get a better, proven HC and OC and really heat things up with this team!
Barring that, why wouldn’t we go out hire like say, oh, the DC of an Alabama for starters, or maybe LSU? They’ll jump for the right money.
That probably won’t happen though. What will most likely happen is he’ll hire another no-name, someone he knows or knew once. Like someone else said…there’s probably some tennis pro out there who has a knack for defense he’ll hire.
We’ve had a strong defense every year Bo’s been here except for this year, and it really begs the question…is it due to Bo or Carl? Who is the real defensive mind here anyway?

Lotsa luck:  If your not sure about this type of issue then why would you tarnish a man’s name by making an unsubstantiated statement?

If your just trying to get attention,  shame on you!!

I know its fun to speculate.  I wish Carl the best.  All I know is Im damn glad T.O. is still here to sort this out.  Y’all act like this is Bo’s decision and Bo’s alone.  It aint.

The “Rumor” about Carl is true and lets just say it wasnt an isolated issue. It has happened more then once with more then one other female. Perhaps a former Miss Nebraska!

Herbenator:  This type of “rumor” can harm his marriage, business relationships, tarnish the image of NU, etc., so if this is only a theory or here-say then refer back to my last entry.

If these affairs actually happened and can be proven then “shame on Carl” and he should resign his DC job and leave NU. 

Why do you say “The Rumor” is true?

It appears the rumor is indeed fact that has be corroborated by multiple sources.  Apologies accepted.

Yes, Lotsa Luck, more than one poster on an anonymous Internet board is considered factual evidence in court.  Good call.

It’s true, Carl is at the hilton garden inn in downtown omaha right now with her, how I know.. My husband works there and checked him in 4 hours ago.

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