Big 12 Roundtable - “Face of the Team” edition

The fine folks at Crimson and Cream Machine are running another Big 12 round table. This one focuses on the "face of the team", meaning the player that best represents the team. They also pose some provocative questions about what stadium and coach we could stomach to have other than our own. And, of course, there is a batch of predictions. Here is BRN's take on the Big 12 this week.

Pick one current player to be the “Face of the Franchise� for your team. You can only select one player so tell us why you selected the person that you did.

The obvious answer here is Bo Ruud. He's been NU's magazine cover/video game promotion "guy" this year, obviously. He's a returning all conference performer and has a deep tradition of family playing for the Huskers - brother, dad, and uncle. And, he was elected a captain.

The "trendy" pick would be Sam Keller since there is a national fascination with how he'll work out at NU. And, hey, the guy apparently has a good face.

Tell us what makes your team's stadium great, traditions, facilities, etc…

I once heard a very knowledgeable and well-traveled sports and college football fan compare Memorial Stadium in Lincoln to Fenway Park in Boston. This rang very true with me some how. Our "grand old lady" of a stadium is great. And the Osborne Complex and additional seats have given her the perfect face lift. I'd put the facility against any in the country.

As far as traditions - it is all about the fans. Yes, the team has some great ones (blackshirt defense) some good ones (touching the horse shoe) from years past. And the new ones range from kinda cheesy (the "pound the rock" Rock) to fantastic (the players run out under a sign that reads "I play for Nebraska"). But, at the core of everything NU related, it is about the fans. We show up, no matter what. People can mock and deride NE as a rural state with nothing else to do. Fine. Whatever. But, Husker fans love this team, in all forms and on all days. That is what makes NU special.

Hypothetical – Your team has to vacate their current stadium and play a game in another Big 12 stadium which one would you pick for them to play in and why?

I'm going to eliminate anybody from the current North division because there are not enough seats. And, in the South, I'd prefer it be one of the old Big 8 bretheren, were we have some history. The obvious answer is Oklahoma. I've always referred to them as the Crimson Cousin. I wouldn't feel bad playing a game at our cousin's house if we had to.

Unthinkable – Take your team's biggest rival's head coach and make a case as to why he would be a good fit on your sideline.

Nebraska's biggest rival is debatable to some (Colorado and KSU fans would like to imagine us as rivals). Everyone with a sense of history further back than 1990 knows that Oklahoma is Nebraska's rival. And, considering Bob Stoops success at OU (national title, conference titles) I don't think I have to make much of a case for him to roam the sidelines in Lincoln. In fact, there are many Husker conspiracy theorists who believe that if an actual coaching search had been conducted following Osborne's retirement that Stoops' name would have been prominent on the list of candidates. Who know how much of that is true.

Prediction Time: Tell us who is going to win...

  • Baylor @ TCU - TCU
  • Colorado State @ Colorado - Colorado
  • Kent State @ Iowa State - Iowa State
  • Central Michigan @ Kansas - Kansas
  • Kansas State @ Auburn - Auburn, ugly
  • Missouri/Illinois - Missouri. But Illinois could be sneaky, with "the Juice" running around and an untested MU defense.
  • Nevada @ Nebraska - Nebraska
  • North Texas @ Oklahoma - Oklahoma
  • Oklahoma State @ Georgia - Georgia
  • Arkansas State @ Texas - Texas
  • Montana State @ Texas A&M - Texas A&M
  • Texas Tech @ SMU - Texas Tech
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I think you represented us well, thanks. And I agree, the pound the rock thing isn’t too cool.

Were it not for the seat factor, I woulda picked Boulder’s stadium, hate to say it. I just think it’s cool-looking.

I agreed with your picks, though i hope OSU can pull one out twixt the hedges.

Didn’t the student section start some new tradition where they hold up their shoes during the opening kickoff?  Did I imagine that?  If true, I think that’s kinda creative.

Os: You’re not imagining it. The students were doing the shoe thing last season. I even got some photos of it.

It seemed like it fell off a bit towards the end of the season. (Maybe because it was too cold to take off your boots in Nov?) I hope they keep it going this year.

The shoe thing has been going on for about 4 years now, I remember it from the 04-05 season. But I don’t know what it means…does anyone?

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